Day 10: The Münchner Kindl

Day 10:  The Münchner Kindl

If you ever have visited Munich you probably have wondered about the little kid who appears on the city's crest and who now is Munich's mascot. 

Known as the Münchner Kindl, or Munich's little kid, the image has been associated with the city since at least the 13th century.  Its origins are lost but the prevailing theory is that the name comes from the city's original founding as the Kloster von Mönchen, or "Cloister for Monks," and the figure is a robed monk.

Today it is a young girl robed in black and yellow, the city's colors.  She leads both Oktoberfest parades and adorns Bier Steins all over town.

There is one last legend about the Münchner Kindl.  It is thought that Frank Baum, the turn-of-the-century German-American children's author, shortened the name to "Munchkins" when he wrote The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.


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