Day 11: The first day of Oktober . . . Fest?

Day 11:  The first day of Oktober . . . Fest?

Why is Oktoberfest in September? 

It's a common and understandable question.  The first Oktoberfest was a 6-day festival from October 12-17 in the year 1810 to celebrate the wedding of Bavaria's Crown Prince.  In later years Oktoberfest organizers wanted to extend the celebration to a full two weeks, plus an extra weekend.  However, since the weather in Munich can be unpredictable in October and September days are longer and warmer, they opted to move the dates so that the majority of the festival occurs in September but it always ends on the first Sunday of October.*

At the Bavarian Bierhaus Oktoberfest never ends.  Come visit us all year long for your Oktoberfest fix.


*Since 1990, when Oktoberfest ends before German Reunification Day on October 3rd, the party extends until the national holiday.

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