Day 13: Oktoberfest Musik

Day 13: Oktoberfest Musik

If you ever have visited Munich's Oktoberfest you probably were surprised by how little of the music played there is German.  Throughout the day most tents play only acoustic music, and so the oompah standards are more common.  However in the evening the electric guitars come out and what you will hear sounds  more like Jack FM's soundtrack than stereotypical polka.

According to a few websites of the top songs at Oktoberfest are these American and British classics:

Hey Baby by Bruce Channel (1962)

Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond (1969)

Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver (1971)

Living Next Door to Alice by Smokie (1977)

TNT and Highway to Hell by AC/DC (1975, 1979)

Here is another surprise:  Everyone there knows all the words.

If you can't get to Munich, visit the Bavarian Bierhaus at Opry Mills where it is Oktoberfest Every Day.  (But with a little less AC/DC.)


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