Day 6: the Big Six

Day 6:  the Big Six

There are over 600 breweries in Bavaria, but only 6 Biers at Oktoberfest.  These are Munich's "Big Six" breweries, the only Biers you can buy at the annual festival.  

Augustiner is Munich's oldest brewer.  Founded in 1328, they produce a Märzen style Bier for Oktoberfest and are the only brewery that still serves it there from wooden kegs.  Their tent is where the locals like to congregate and is one of the hardest to get into.

Löwenbräu has been served at every Oktoberfest since 1810.  The name means "Lion's brew" and features Bavaria's animal mascot on its label. Above the entrance of its tent you can watch the lion lift its stein and wag its tail.

Spaten is the first keg tapped at Oktoberfest every year.  German television carries the ceremony live when Munich's Lord Mayor strikes the tap with a wooden mallet at the Schottenhammel tent.  Spaten means "spade." Their logo is a malt shovel on a red background.  They produce Weizen Bier under the name Franziskaner which has a picture of a Franciscan monk on the bottle.

Hacker-Pschorr (the "P" is silent) was founded in 1417.  In the late 18th century Joseph Pschorr bought the brewery from his father-in-law Peter Paul Hacker.  The Hacker tent features a blue Bavarian sky and is the site of a closing ceremony that includes the entire crowd waving sparklers during Oktoberfest's last moments.

Hofbräu was the royal brewery and still is owned by the state of Bavaria.  Started in 1589, until recently, the brewery was located on the Platzl at the site of the world famous Hofbräuhaus. Sweden' King Gustavus Adolphus so liked their strong Bier that during the 30 Years War, he agreed not to burn the city in exchange for 600,000 liters of Hofbräu Bier.

Paulaner is Munich's newest brewery having opened just 385 years ago. It is also Munich's largest brewery. Their Starkbierfest (Strong Bier Festival is one of Munich's most anticipated spring events.

Come visit the Bavarian Bierhaus where we serve five of these Big Six Biers.  (Löwenbräu is no longer exported to the States.)


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