Happy 180th Birthday!

Happy 180th Birthday!

Come to the Bavarian Bierhaus and celebrate the Pretzel all weekend long.  This Monday marks the 180th Birthday of the accidental creation of the pretzel.  Anton Nepomuk Pfannenbrenner was a baker at the Royal Munich Cafe.  On February 11th 1839 he inadvertently dipped his pretzels into the lye-based cleaning solution instead of the sugar water.  He decided to bake them and see how they turned out.  The lye gave the exterior a dark brown crusty sheen and kept the interior soft and chewy.  His pretzels were an instant success and are now a symbol of Bavaria.  At the Bavarian Bierhaus we will celebrate Herr Pfannenbrenner and his pretzel all weekend long with prizes and giveaways.  So plan to visit us at Opry Mills for an authentic taste of Bavaria.

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