Have you seen our Angel?

Have you seen our Angel?

You may have seen an angel floating above your heads at the Bavarian Bierhaus.  His name is Aloisius and here is his story:

Aloisius Hingerl was Porter #172 at Munich Central Station where he dropped dead of a heart attack.  Carried to heaven by two angels, he soon found himself chafing under the rules of his new home.  He didn't like to sing and he didn't like his wings.  And most of all he didn't like that in heaven there was no Bavarian Bier.  

His grumbling became too much for St. Peter, who took him to the Holy Father.  God himself offered Aloisius a job:  Deliver this message of divine guidance to the Bavarian government and beforehand you can go to your favorite Bierhall.  Aloisius was thrilled at the news so he flew right down to his favorite Bierhaus, sat at his favorite seat, and ordered a Stein from his favorite waitress . . . and another . . . and another . . .

To this day, Aloisius sits at the Bierhaus not yet done with his drink and still having not delivered his letter.  And that is why Munich's government continues to operate without divine guidance.

So when you are at the Bavarian Bierhaus look up at our heavenly visitor and say Prost!

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