Recipe: Black Forest Cake

Recipe:  Black Forest Cake

The Bavarian Bierhaus was on Channel 4's "Today in Nashville" show to demonstrate how to make Black Forest Cake.  Go to their link for the VIDEO and the RECIPE.  

The German name Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte translates literally to “Black Forest Cherry Cake.”  However, since Schwarzwälder Kirsch is a type of brandy made from tart cherries that grow in the Black Forest region, a more accurate name for this confection is “Black Forest Brandy Cake.”  Josef Keller, a confectioner from near Bonn is said to have invented this recipe in 1915. 

This recipe is a little different from what we offer at the Bavarian Bierhaus; this is the “adult” version which highlights the Black Forest brandy, using ¾ cup of it in the cake, in the cherry filling, and in the whipped cream. 

In spite of how complex it looks, this is easy to make at home.  Traditionally, this confection calls for a chocolate sponge cake recipe as the base.  But, we want to highlight the brandy, and so we save time and energy here by using any chocolate cake recipe or even a cake mix.  Do not be intimidated by the assembly.  The accents on this cake cover up any blemishes in such a way that it is going to look great (and taste great too).  When you are done, people will think you are a professional pastry chef.

There are five components to this cake:  accents, cherry filling, cherry brandy syrup, stabilized whipped dream, and the chocolate cake itself.  While that may sound like a lot, each component is really pretty simple.  The secret to this cake is preparing the cake’s components beforehand so that you have time to assemble the cake. 

The other secret to success is to make the cake with enough time for it to chill at least four hours in the refrigerator so that the brandy can soak into the cake.  Since we use stabilized whipped cream, it will hold longer than regular whipped cream and be even better if you let it sit overnight.

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