Stein Holding Contest Every Saturday

Stein Holding Contest Every Saturday

Masskrugstemmen is hard to say; but it's even harder to do.  It is a traditional Bavarian contest of strength that requires you to hold a full liter of Bier in front of you with your arm fully extended for as long as you can.

At the Bavarian Bierhaus we host a Stein Holding contest every Saturday night at 8 pm.  The first five people to sign up every Saturday at the host stand get the opportunity to compete.  The winner gets a t-shirt and a chance to compete in September for a trip to represent the Bavarian Bierhaus at the national Masskrugstemmen contest in New York City.  Last year's we sent Emily Pagel to New York, where she set a new woman's record and won a trip to Germany.

So come by the Bavarian Bierhaus on Saturday and test your strength.  Even if you don't win, you still get to drink a free Bier.


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